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Video Mapping

Video mapping technique refers to the high-resolution display of visual materials and animations produced in accordance with the characteristics of the architectural structure, object or scene to be used as a screen, with a large number of projection devices.Visual shows organized with this technique, which can make a great impression on the audience, require detailed planning and meticulousness in terms of both production and technical implementation. Display Team has applied video mapping not only to architectural structures but also to various objects and spaces such as vehicles, giant models, basketball courts and hippodromes. Display Team, which has contributed technical equipment and staff support to the biggest events that has taken place in Turkey and abroad by using the latest technology in hardware and software in the area of video mapping, has successfully completed the planning and operation servies with its expert crew. Our expert crew, which provides services during the process that starts with discoveries and continues with detailed rehearsels, makes sure that the show is completed perfectly. Display Team closely follows and uses new technologies for this purpose.


You can bring your message to the audience more effectively thanks to the hologram technology, which offers an experience that surrounds the audience with its 3D effect in all kinds of events. Display Team meets all infrastructure and technical support needs required by hologram applications with its domestic and international operation capability. Display Team is one of the few experienced companies in hologram technology, which, when used with motion-capture technology, allows animation or live interaction with a real character during the event.

Led Screen

LED screens can be applied flat, concave, convex or directly on the floor, in the desired size, for indoor and outdoor activities, according to the customer's request. The Display Team crew provides the most suitable solution for the event by controlling the lighting, daylight, resolution and infrastructure of the indoor or outdoor space before the event. Display Team, which has all kinds of LED screen solutions, carries out all installation, configuration, testing and disassembly operations.

Show Tech

In addition to the interactive experiences that take place live on the stage, the technologies used by the Display Team crew, which transform the shows into a spatial experience with curtain systems and stage mechanics, include stage curtains, curtain truss systems, folding curtain mechanics, and rotating, rising and lowering stage mechanics. Display Team, which performs the procurement, logistics, installation and dismantling of all these products, offers its customers the opportunity to create an unforgettable experience with these technologies customized for events.

Digital Installation

Art types that are new or have a long history, such as installation, film, video, animation, internet and network art, software art, see digital technologies as a digital platform from production to presentation of artworks.

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